Blog Introduction

Sometimes life brings a party. Other times, life rolls through like a vicious storm. 

I will walk through my storms of the past here. I have had a few. All of them made me who I am today. Some of the storms were more like tornadoes. Those storms still bring me to my knees occasionally. Would I have chosen to walk through these storms? Absolutely not. While I didn’t choose it, each storm gave me wisdom that I might have missed had I not  weathered those storms. One storm in particular brought me so far down, I wasn’t sure how to climb out. Losing my husband was a storm that often left me wondering how I was going to move past it so that I might live again. That event affected my life deeply, even changing who I am as a person. When something that intense comes your way, it’s impossible to lock it in your past. There are days when that event, and the months following, creep back into our lives. Some of this blog will be cathartic for me, but more than that, I hope that you find peace in whatever storm you find yourself in. I hope this blog can make today bearable and tomorrow happy. 

This is a new season of life for me. With each new season, comes change. I’m ready for it. Are you?


7 thoughts on “Blog Introduction”

    1. Wow! What beautiful words! Thank you. I do think we spend too much time cleaning things up and making them look nice instead of what it really is. I really think that leads to isolation. And, that’s a shame. You are right, even the ugliest of circumstances contain beauty.
      Thanks for stopping by! I hope to hear from you again soon.


      1. I look forward to hearing what you have to say (and visiting your blog too). I love this experience and so glad I jumped in.


    1. More than the love I have around me, the love I gave is what helped. Strange, isn’t it? Thank you for the kind words.

      I hope to talk to you again soon….



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