Day 15: 365 Days of Motivation for Widows

“To reach a port, we must sail—Sail, not tie an anchor—Sail, not drift.”
Franklin Roosevelt

It may be true that life didn’t knock, but rather walked in and made itself at home. That may mean altering your journey in a very big way. In this case, it’s a big bump in the road, but it is not the end of the road. If you throw  your anchor, you will live in this pain. If you just drift to and fro, you might never come out the other side. However, if you fill your sails and set a course, you will heal and find happiness again.

Author: Sara

My name is Sara and I am a woman with a history and a future. I am a mother of 5 and a Counselor. Being a teen mother and a widow in my mid-twenties has given me plenty of storms to weather. Writing has always been my solace, it's also a passion and a talent. Through my writing I hope to help others weather their storms and create my own path to my dreams.

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