Day 8: 365 Days of Motivation for Widows

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”
— Maya Angelou

When tragedy finds you, you can cower in the corner and let it beat you. You can let it take from you everything you have left to give the world. That certainly is a choice. Or, you can rise up, meet the challenge, and be better than you were before.  There is no doubt what happened is beyond terrible and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. If you let this beat you, then death has claimed two lives. If you have children who are watching, death may claim all of you. If you heal, and live, and work–using this is a teaching moment about strength, faith, compassion, and tenacity–you can be happy again. What an absolutely amazing tribute to your loved one.

Author: Sara

My name is Sara and I am a woman with a history and a future. I am a mother of 5 and a Counselor. Being a teen mother and a widow in my mid-twenties has given me plenty of storms to weather. Writing has always been my solace, it's also a passion and a talent. Through my writing I hope to help others weather their storms and create my own path to my dreams.

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