Original Poem: Serving Up Love (1998)

I wrote this in 1998 in my journal. Back then, journals or diaries were all hand written (gasp! the horror!). I later transcribed them and saved them on a jump drive so that I could save them forever and have all of my writing in one spot (that’s yet to happen).

So, for your reading enjoment, my original poem from when I was 22 years old (oh, those were the days)!

Serving up Love


Equal Parts…..

Freedom and Opportunity

Hugs and Kisses

Hopes and Dreams

Talks and Walks

A Dash of Twist and Turns


A pinch of intuition 

Start with Freedom and Opportunity; add two people and mix until well blended.

Add Hopes, Dreams, Walks, and Talks.  Use a pinch of intuition

-when you are comfortable-

add Hugs and Kisses.  At first, batter might be thin, but the more time you nurture the dough, the easier it is to work with.

Add a dash of Twist and Turns; Serve warm.

Hold tight and NEVER let go.

Author: Sara

My name is Sara and I am a woman with a history and a future. I am a mother of 5 and a Counselor. Being a teen mother and a widow in my mid-twenties has given me plenty of storms to weather. Writing has always been my solace, it's also a passion and a talent. Through my writing I hope to help others weather their storms and create my own path to my dreams.

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